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Diet Starts Monday

Diet Starts Monday is an innovative men’s retail brand that originated in Washington, D.C., where there is a vast amount of cultural diversity. Diet co-founders John Geiger, Davin Gentry, and Unkle Scooty mastered an exciting approach to men’s fashion. The company first birthed the unique idea of not only combining retail with a restaurant, but to a bar as well. This type of captivating consumer engagement was a new form of retail therapy. Their experience-driven retail approach drove the brand to focus on their forte—quality cut-and-sew clothing. Diet Starts Monday expanded its business with premium collaborations and activation pop-ups in standalone venues, or in larger shops such as Fred Segal. The goal is to constantly build brand awareness, and they strive for limitless creative retail ideas instead of being restrained by the typical in-store experience. DSM embraces streetwear and lifestyle fashion with carefully chosen collaborations and limited releases/distribution. In doing so, they’ve maintained demand, curiosity and anticipation—always keeping customers coming back for more.


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